Hello World!

This is coming to you live, off the top of my head, from Kyle @eatyourveggiesalive. This morning, I guess that depends on your location. Anywho… I am a visionary, some would call me a dreamer, seeing the glass half full has never been a question for me. My mom, God rest her soul, now wait for a moment… let me clarify.

Raised American Christian, being baptised, in a Assembly of God church, on my own free will. That being said, now at age 37, I see things a bit differently. None the less, to each their own, I now see the universe as energy, one energy, shared by all.

I know what you are thinking, why the change of heart? Well, let me explain, the universe is an ocean of energy always moving. You see as a child, it was hard for me to grasp that one person or entity being God. Just didn’t make sense fully to me, so I began to question, like most people do. I wanted to know more, so I read and read and read some more, until I thought I could not hold anymore information. Well, the information never stops, like the wave of the ocean.

There are theories after theories on religion, explosions, aliens, monkeys, Adam & Eve, you name it, someone thinks we came from there. Like I stated before, to each their own, who am I to tell you what to think, I am just voicing my opinion.

Now isn’t that all we’ve got? Opinions, like you know what, everything has one. Someone comes up with an idea and they tell someone, then they tell someone and so on… how the world goes round, ENERGY! If you see something a certain way, like say; Order of Operations on a construction site, and you show someone else this plan of action and they show someone else and pretty soon it’s standard practice.

This is true in every aspect of life, if you don’t believe me try it in your own life. Alter something in your life you do regularly, something small, check your mail at night instead of in the morning, put your trash cans out a day early, anything. Just try it, and watch… the world changes around your altered actions.

While you’re checking your mail, you meet a new neighbor, he/she received  a photography magazine in the mail. Then you say, “they still make those?”, he/she says”make what, cameras?”No magazines, as you extend your hand to make his/her acquaintance. Pardon my manners mr./miss, my name is… nice to meet you. Then it is up to you and the cosmos, where it goes from there.

Well that is all I have for now, this is my first entry of many, stay tuned for more mind blowing knowledge straight to you soon as It comes to me.

Thanks for reading, well if you got this far, we are probably friends, if not we should be. Drop me a line at eatyourveggiesalive@gmail.com or eatyourveggiesalive@outlook.com    Peace, Love and Chicken Grease